Evia’s Handcrafts

I love making whole things from tiny parts. Writing falls under that heading as well as hand-fashioning crafts, whether  weaving wire jewelry or manipulating fibers.

Okay, I confess–I’m a fiberholic! The enormous stash of fabric, yarns, threads, ribbons, and cords in my attic and other rooms in my house proves that to anyone at one glance.

I was in the process of crocheting this pretty afghan for our first grandchild when she was born. With his artistic eye, Darren helped with the yarn color selection, but I did all the crocheting. We were out of the country on vacation at the time,  but I worked on it every night in the hotel room. I finished it a couple of days after she was born.

Creating with my hands is a divine pastime for me.  I’ve made and sold handcrafted art to wear, carry, or hang on the wall since I was  8 years old when I learned how to sew on my grandmother’s treadle Singer sewing machine. In high school, I sewed and sold skinny pencil skirts to high school classmates. Mainly these days, I create quilted wall hangings and wire jewelry, as well as crocheted and machine-knitted scarves, shawls, and gloves.

Throughout my professional life as a behavioral modification specialist-educator, I indulged my handcrafting passion and sold my pieces through my small home business. Gifting handcrafted items to family, friends, and donating them to community events for fund raising auctions continues to be one of my greatest joys.

I support this site through donations and by selling my publications (some available in various formats on Amazon) and handcrafted items.