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YOUTUBE Series Introduction Video is Live!

Introduction YOUTUBE Video

Show Notes:

YT Video Title – INTRODUCTION: Snapshot Bio of Evia Moore & Why Hidden Lessons are Priceless 14:05

Prolific blogger on intermarriage, transcultural relationships, uplift for black women, and now  creator of the “UpCulture: Hidden Lessons in Your Pocket,” series, Evia Moore provides her snapshot bio in this introductory episode and talks about the purpose of this ongoing series of not-so-obvious but critical life lessons for those who choose to learn the necessary, often hidden lessons needed to come out on top,  live an elevated life, and pass on the success strategies and proceeds to future generations.

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On a hot, muggy August day a few weeks ago, I went ziplining! It was my first time. The idea of it was scary at first, but after I watched a few others do it, I decided to take the plunge or maybe I should say ‘ride the vine.’

As I was getting into the harness, I asked myself, “Whatever are you thinking?” I nervously chuckled and got myself braced and enjoyed my last moments of life as I’d always known it. After all, I knew that if I fell, well life would never be the same for me again–if I even lived.

But what is life for, but to have adventure in it, albeit cautious ones. So I went ahead. Darren was there with the others, making sure that I was strapped up snugly. And off I went!!

While I was sailing through the air, I wasn’t afraid of falling; my biggest fear was that my body would somehow swerve off the sailing path and I’d slam into a huge nearby tree that really wasn’t in the path. My mind fixated on that tree.

The tree? Not a problem at all.  And I LOVED the whole experience!

I can now so much better understand why some people–who others often refer to as crazy–love potentially body mangling activities like that, whether rock climbing to death-whispering peaks or scaling the sides of slick buildings. It’s such an incomparable, peaceful experience. My usual noisy thoughts disappeared while in the air for those moments,  and aside from worrying about the tree, I was super relaxed.