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UHLP1 VIDEO: Learn Your Power – Don’t Depend on Luck and Magical Forces

Show Notes: UpCulture Hidden Lessons in Your Pocket 1 (UHPL1): Learn YOUR Power – Don’t Depend on Luck and Magical Forces

In UHLP Lesson 1, I zoom in on the inborn assets that we each get in the form of a unique set of traits from our Creator at birth. This is personal power.

I was born in the South Bronx but grew up in the backwoods of Alabama. With my personal power and using many of the UpCulture Hidden Lessons in this series, most of you would be amazed at what I’ve been able to amass in my life.

So, this, I know to be true!

With consistent effort and UpCulture Hidden Lessons in Your Pocket as a mentor, I know that most can draw on their personal power to create and live an elevated life. Our power can never be taken unless we cooperate with the takers. It is always there for us to develop and use, or– it fades away. Never depend on luck or magical thinking. Instead, make it a priority to  maximize your gift of inborn traits to rise and live an elevated life.



YOUTUBE Series Introduction Video is Live!

Introduction YOUTUBE Video

Show Notes:

YT Video Title – INTRODUCTION: Snapshot Bio of Evia Moore & Why Hidden Lessons are Priceless 14:05

Prolific blogger on intermarriage, transcultural relationships, uplift for black women, and now  creator of the “UpCulture: Hidden Lessons in Your Pocket,” series, Evia Moore provides her snapshot bio in this introductory episode and talks about the purpose of this ongoing series of not-so-obvious but critical life lessons for those who choose to learn the necessary, often hidden lessons needed to come out on top,  live an elevated life, and pass on the success strategies and proceeds to future generations.

All books shown in this video are available on below:








Hear Ye! Video Podcasts: When Decisions Elevate Life – Forms & Lessons

Background PODCAST

eve-ada-06-15de0364-400xEvia and Adah, my granddaughter, when she was almost 2 years old.
It’s been a while! I’ve been involved in plenty of stimulating activities, lots of learning, and reflecting on various things. I’m worn out but loving it all.  Thanks to all of you who continue to register for my mailing list. I appreciate you so much.

This brings me to the new series of video podcasts (emphasis on podcasts) that I’m currently doing, focusing on life elevation lessons. I dedicate this series to my sons and my grandchildren.

I will launch this series of podcasts to accompany my next books in which I compile articles I’ve written over the past 10 years. Some of you know that I began years ago compiling some of my hundreds of past blog articles, along with the comments into books, like the ones you see in my sidebar. I had put that project on the back burner for a few years and was focusing on other things I enjoy doing. But I’m going to make this a priority to start up again now for 3 main reasons: (1) I have grandchildren. (2) My sons have been urging me to not only record, but to elaborate and provide the details behind my views, outlook, philosophy about life. They believe that the way I think and my experiences are highly valuable and will continue to be so for generations to come. Wow! What a vote of approval! That warms my heart so much, as their mom.

When they were growing up, I and their dad, too, constantly talked to them, teaching them. There were always long talking sessions, conversations, discussions with them. We poured all we had into them. As adults in their 30s now, they’ve now seen how our teachings paid off for them. They have seen how my and their dad’s decisions elevated all of our lives. They want my teaching lessons to be available, in all forms, to their children and to many others. (3) I compile the articles and the accompanying comments from my previous blog into books because it’s important to document black women’s herstories, unveiling details surrounding the different directions that large numbers of black American women took at stages of our journey.

One thing about history is that only the people who are considered “important” are usually talked about in history books. Well, black women are of great importance to me. I am a black woman. We are important. It’s up to us to record our stories and make them a part of the historical record.

 In these upcoming video podcasts, I will read portions of each article that will be in the next new book, and elaborate on the article’s central message, with details and examples. Later, the entire article with links to the original photos or other relevant material, will be available in the book that can be purchased for e-readers or as a paperback. Since YouTube is free and easy to use, I’ll post the video podcasts there. That’s the plan, but I may change. I don’t plan to take comments there because it’s too time-consuming, but you can post comments here.

I dedicate this series to my sons and my grandchildren. I realize that I’m a thought leader, among some on certain slices of life. I know that various others have generously helped themselves to the pillars of my work which I’ve mostly aimed at black women: promote self interests first and foremost, marriage to quality men only–from any group, vetting, reciprocity, mix and mingle in the global village, highlight black beauty and desirability, play the female card, escape from poisonous people and places, living well, make silent moves, use shrewdness and common sense in all decisions, supreme importance of culture, etc. I’ve also stressed the continuing need for black women to form networks and make sacrifices, if necessary, to form intentional communities/networks made up of women who are likeminded, with similar values. There is great power and protection in numbers when those people are connected, so I will continue to stress all of these.

 Forming and joining high functioning intentional communities/networks is the ONLY way to survive and elevate/thrive, especially in the coming decades, for most black American women.  I aim that message at black American women, in particular, because what most don’t seem to realize is that the average person in other groups belongs to either an automatic, organic, or intentional network–already.  These networks are invisible to most black Americans, so they think that others function as individuals as most black American do, but most others do NOT. The world is run by networks. Success and especially sustained success is only possible when people operate in groups. As I’ve often said, “Solo birds are quickly eliminated–one by one.” Black American women must find like-minded others and join with them.
Others have said that I said certain things, which I didn’t, or imposed their own interpretation on things I’ve said. This coming series represents the quintessential Evia Moore. Nothing fancy. No frills.
My ideas and teachings are for anyone who may find value in them, although I would love to be mentioned, if or when my ideas and teachings are referenced.