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Garden Produce & Natural Living

darren organic tomatoesWe’re still in the dog days of summer here in the next lane, eating lots of goodies from Darren’s organic garden, but the hint of fall is upon us.

Just thought I’d stick in a few pics of some of the produce from our  garden. Actually all of the land here is certified organic soil. No chemicals, whatsoever and this is a relief. We don’t even need to wash these tomatoes–just rub them off and eat them. Another thing is that getting  vegetables from the garden and seeing them sit on the table shows quickly how quickly vegetables will spoil if they haven’t  been chemically “treated.” I’ve noticed that store-bought tomatoes will last  an unnaturally long time just sitting in the refrigerator or on the table, however our garden-grown tomatoes will begin to go bad in a bit more than a day!

These cherry tomatoes are so sweet. Adanna (granddaughter) loves them. She can eat about 15 of them without stopping! Since there’re no chemicals on them, she can pick them from the garden and plop them in her mouth.

darren organic corn 082015Here’s some of Darren’s corn. As usual, he has 3 corn patches this summer. He never plants in  the same exact spots since this would be too much of a drain on the soil and wipe out the nutrients. So, he rotates where he plants. Darren’s corn is known as some of the sweetest corn in the county! Yum-yum.

He also grew lots of beans, cucumbers, potatoes (white, blue, yellow, and red). I grew up on a farm where we grew lots of vegetables but that was a long time ago, so I had forgotten the taste of real tomatoes and potatoes. Trust me–there is very little similarity between the taste of the  tomatoes and potatoes bought at the supermarket and real home-grown ones–especially the ones grown in natural soil.

It’s a joy to get back to living more naturally.