UHLP1 VIDEO: Learn Your Power – Don’t Depend on Luck and Magical Forces

Show Notes: UpCulture Hidden Lessons in Your Pocket 1 (UHPL1): Learn YOUR Power – Don’t Depend on Luck and Magical Forces

In UHLP Lesson 1, I zoom in on the inborn assets that we each get in the form of a unique set of traits from our Creator at birth. This is personal power.

I was born in the South Bronx but grew up in the backwoods of Alabama. With my personal power and using many of the UpCulture Hidden Lessons in this series, most of you would be amazed at what I’ve been able to amass in my life.

So, this, I know to be true!

With consistent effort and UpCulture Hidden Lessons in Your Pocket as a mentor, I know that most can draw on their personal power to create and live an elevated life. Our power can never be taken unless we cooperate with the takers. It is always there for us to develop and use, or– it fades away. Never depend on luck or magical thinking. Instead, make it a priority to  maximize your gift of inborn traits to rise and live an elevated life.