—VOCABULARY: Southernisms & Acronyms Used

For the benefit of listeners  from other continents, countries, regions or those who are unclear about certain terms, abbreviations, acronyms I use, here’s a listing of a few common terms, phrases, expressions I use that some of you have written to me to question.

1. Y’all  –  You (plural)  is an abbreviation for “you all.”  This is a common term used by those who grew up in parts of the southern United States or were influenced by those whose speech pattern mimics certain terms in the southern speech dialect.  Unlike some other languages, like French, for example, the English language doesn’t have a specific word for:  the plural of you.

I’ve often listened to how non-southern Americans get around using y’all.  I’ve heard some New Yorkers use the term youse, which makes me cringe, for real! Other non-southerners totally avoid the plural of you by wording their sentence in such a way that you plural is understood by the context. This is among the reasons why English is thought by some to be one of the world’s most difficult languages. I am always totally impressed by people who grew up with a different mother tongue, yet have mastered English!

2. CQLL – compatible, quality, loving, and lovable